A winter holiday in the snow is an experience for the entire family. For a fulfilling and carefree times on the piste, the ski area of choice must meet several requirements for each member of the family. On this page, you'll find our family-friendly offers for ski areas that will meet these criteria best.

First and foremost, it's all about the children. Therefore, good childcare services and family-friendly services are crucial. One thing is for sure, though: in practically every ski area in the Alps, you can be sure to find a qualified ski school, of which will expertly teach your kids, whether they're young beginners to intermediate teens. While the older kids will work on their parallel turns and maybe even try out a few tricks in the children's fun park, the younger kids will be tended to in the ski kindergarten. In some ski areas, childcare for children and infants under the age of 3 is available the entire day for.

The lovingly designed children's areas, with their practice lifts, will most of the time be found near the valley in a closed off area, which will help the children learn to ski undisturbed. Here, you'll find a kid-friendly infrastructure with conveyor belts ("magic carpets"), a children's carousel, or even an obstacle course. Oftentimes, a colourful, fluffy mascot helps tend to the smaller children. Older children are permitted to make use of the tow lift and ride along prepared waved pistes or an arranged obstacle course. As time goes on, more and more chair lifts are being designed to have a child-friendly section to get into with specialised safety components set in place for skiers who are a bit smaller.

Ski huts and restaurants in family-friendly ski areas serve up children's menus and offer children-friendly toilets. Other off-piste children-friendly services you could find in family-friendly ski areas would be playgrounds, ice rinks, or tobogganing and tubing runs.

Another huge plus and a good indicator of a family-friendly ski area are the discounted, or even free, lift passes for children. These can also be found in many of our family-friendly offers, by the way! Be sure to check out the "reductions" tab when viewing an accommodation's description.

Family-friendly ski areas all offer these great services and will be sure to help you experience a diverse, carefree winter holiday with your children. No matter which family-friendly offer you choose, you certainly won't regret it!