Ski and Spa - winter holidays in a relaxation oasis

Are you looking to get away from everyday stress and do something to improve your health? Or maybe you just want to relax after an exciting day on the piste and enjoy a nice massage? Then combine your ski holiday with attractive spa opportunities!

Regardless of whether you are looking to do a couple of lengths in the swimming pool, getting your sweat on in the sauna, or perhaps making use of the entire feel-good programme of the spa area - in these accommodations, you can relax and recharge to your heart's content! How about a relaxing massage or a little fitness after an athletic day on the piste? Here, you're sure to find the right spa package including lift pass for the snowy winter holiday of your dreams!

Ski and Spa - winter holidays in a relaxation oasis
Ski and Spa - winter holidays in a relaxation oasis

Wellness Ski Holiday

If you're looking for a wellness holiday in a ski area, then you've definitely come to the right place. We have numerous accommodations available that are not only located in the ski area, but also offer spa facilities: Whether it be a pool, sauna, thermal baths or spa in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, or Italy - with us, you're sure to find your ideal wellness ski holiday!

Wellness and Ski Holiday Combo: The Advantages

The combination a ski holiday and a wellness holiday is quite a successful mixture. Go skiing in the morning and power through the area while experiencing breathtaking panoramic views of the mountains. In the afternoon, the sauna, pool, or even a large spa area with a potential massage are waiting for you in your accommodation. The feeling of coming back from the piste and letting your body and mind relax is incredible! The advantages are clear as day: You'll return from your holiday well-relaxed thanks to the balanced mixture of activities and relaxation.

Wellness Ski Holiday: What Should I Know?

If you'd really like to make the most of your wellness ski holiday and are on the go without children, it's recommended that you look for accommodations that are not particularly specialised for families. Otherwise, you may find yourself suddenly having to share the pool at your accommodation with masses of children. Be sure to take a closer look at the description of your chosen wellness accommodation. If you really want to make sure there are no children around during your holiday, book an "Adults Only" hotel. Here, guests are only permitted from ages 16 or 18. We wish you a lovely holiday!