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Information about the ski area
Elm im Sernftal
Highest point: 2,105 m
Lowest point: 1,020 m
Altitude ski resort: 977 m
Lifts in total: 9
Tow lifts: 6
Chair lifts: 2
Gondola lift: 1
Pistes in total: 40 km
15 km
20 km
5 km
Ski routes: 2 km
Piste Map
Elm im Sernftal

Cheap ski holidays Elm – Sunny spectacle and skiing fun in the Sernftal!


Elm is the southernmost village in the Swiss Sernftal. The Sernftal street ("Sernftalstraße"), of which is the only street running through the narrow valley, ends in Elm. From there, head out on foot from the valley basin over the Panix Pass, which ends at the opening to Grisons. All around Elm, a great view of the Piz Sardona, the Piz Segnes and the row of the Tschingelhorn peaks can be seen. A special highlight here is the 22 m high and 19 m wide "Martinsloch" rock window. Twice per year, as the sun rises, its light shines directly through the narrow opening onto the Elm church. It's this particular phenomenon that draws so many tourists to the resort during these times just to view this legendary "Sunny Spectacle."

Surrounding the church are beautiful farm houses constructed of timber in the traditional regional hand-crafting style, which are protected under a preservation order and categorised as historical structures. The art of building in Elm became known worldwide in 1976. Being that the region is encompassed by slate mountains, Elm has been home to the only slate factory in Switzerland, and although it has been recently decommissioned, those who are interested are certainly welcome to still visit the factory.


The charming valley of Sernftal lies in the Glarus Alps, in the Swiss canton of Glarus. The name is linked to the river Sernf, a tributary to the Linth river which spans 18 km in length. Glarus is a unique destination in regards to its landscape, being a part of the Sardona tectonic arena. The so-called "Glarner Hauptüberschiebung," a fault line, is known as one of the most fascinating geotopes in the Alps. With the help of its splintering peaks and rugged, steep faces, the Alpine orogeny is especially apparent and has been officially named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008. The mountain ranges lend a special note to the natural scenery in the Sernftal. Included in the mountain groups are seven peaks that reach over 3,000 m altitude, among which is the Piz Sadorna (3,005 m), whose name provided inspiration for the natural arena.

Moreover, the region is well-known for its high production of slate and the centuries-long process of harvesting the smooth stone. Along the valley, you'll find the cosy villages of Elm, Matt and Engi, whose history has in turn been sculpted by the very slate they themselves harvested. At the very end of the valley lies Elm, where the family ski area of Elm im Sernftal, with its 40 km of piste, is waiting to be discovered.

Travel Info Elm

  • By train: Schwanden (approx. 15 km), Mitlödi (approx. 15 km), Glarus (approx. 20 km)
  • By plane: Zurich (approx. 100 km), Friedrichshafen (approx. 165 km), Basel (approx. 180 km)

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