Wi-Fi in the ski areas

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. - the Internet and social media channels are our constant companions. Winter sports fans undoubtedly feel the same way while out on the piste. Of course you'd like to share your holiday experiences with your loved ones back home - oftentimes as quickly as possible. Ski areas are becoming more and more aware of this: in numerous ski areas, you'll find Wi-Fi at the very least in the huts on the mountain or even in certain general areas throughout the ski area itself. This way, you don't have to worry about missing anything and your loved ones at home don't have to, either.

Ski areas with Wi-Fi

Today, there are more ski areas with Wi-Fi than you can count. Whether it be Germany, Austria, France, or Italy - more and more ski areas are updating their technology. It's not surprising though - it's a great way to advertise, especially when happy winter sports fans post amazing pictures taken in "their" ski area. Nevertheless, those who value Wi-Fi in the ski area should be sure to check the resort's website and double check that they do indeed offer Wi-Fi in the ski area before making a booking.

Perfectly Connected during you Ski Holiday

In order to make use of the Wi-Fi in a ski area, winter sports fans generally only have to follow a few steps. The easiest scenario would be to simply click "Accept" after reading the terms of use and you're automatically connected. In other resorts, sometimes you'll have to send a text message in order to register for the Wi-Fi - then you can start tweeting about your experiences. Wi-Fi is also quite practical when it's combined with lunch or après ski in one of the huts. Problems cause by missing a ride, arriving too late, or getting lost are a thing of the past - clear up any issues free and easy with Wi-Fi, even in the lift. Information about Wi-Fi access in each ski area as well as the exact location of all hotspots can also be found online.

Safely Skiing with Wi-Fi

Having Wi-Fi access while skiing has plenty of benefits: You could, for example, make use of numerous skiing apps that can help you find your way through the ski area, track how many kilometres you've skied, or show you the nearest hut. However, just as in everyday life, you should also be sure to keep an eye on the security of your data. If the Wi-Fi connection is unencrypted, unauthorised individuals will have constant access to your transferred data. The sharing of personal passwords, TAN numbers, or similar data should be avoided in the ski area, as it should with all public Wi-Fi connections! One last thing: You're surrounded by nature, presented with unbelievable panoramic views of the mountains, and are participating in a fantastic sport - be sure to leave your phone in your pocket every now and then.
Wi-Fi in the ski areas
Wi-Fi in the ski areas