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Ski Areas Poland

Ski Areas Poland

Ski holiday in Poland means great ski area for good prices. The opening of the country for tourists and the very low prices in comparison to Europe help the Tourism business to grow. The extension and improvement of the Polish motorway network is also part of the positive development. The High Tatra and the Giant Mountains are perfect for winter sports.

The famous Polish winter sports resort Schreiberhau (Sklarska Poreba) is located in the Poland-Czech Republic-Germany triangle. It holds one of the most attractive ski areas in the Polish Giant Mountains and also accounts to the most popular ones, next to Krummhübel (Karpacz). The ski area Schreiberhau is shared into two parts, whereof the first part is located in Austria, with short and easy pistes. The second part of the ski area is located on the 1, 362 m high Szrenica. Based on its specific climate this part offers the ideal snow conditions, which you can usually only find in the high alpine regions. Additionally, one of the biggest snow-making system was set up to create perfect conditions.

Also the ski areas all around the famous place Zakopane enable a manifold ski holiday. Especially the ski area Kasprowy Wierch should be mentioned here. Advanced skiers will find attractive runs in a beautiful landscape and beginners and leisure skiers can indulge as well.

Après ski Poland

Hospitality is of great importance in Poland. Guests can be happy about always being welcome, whether they are expected or not. A central point is the good food, as you never have to go home being hungry. Christian holidays, like Easter, Christmas, name days and weddings are celebrated to the fullest, everything that the kitchen offers is served. The Polish cuisine and its dishes are shaped by various influences. German , Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish and Jewish notes can be found in the varied food. The Polish cuisine can be described as very savoury and solid.

The Polish agriculture and everything that the farmers grow, shape typical and traditional Polish food. That's why you can find many dishes that are made of potatoes, sauerkraut, beetroot, cucumbers, eggs, cabbage turnip and mushrooms. But most of all, Polish locals like to eat sausages that are made out of meat. The Kielbasa (smoked spicy sausage) is the best example. Just a few years ago the usage of meat per head was the highest in Poland, so it is no wonder that a lot of meat and sometimes a glass of Vodka is necessary to make the Polish meal complete.

Excursions Poland

Poland is a real jewel for nature and culture lovers - it offers unique landscapes and numerous cities and towns with an amazing cultural heritage.

Those who visit the metropolis Kraków, will not want to miss out on seeing the magnificent medieval market place, Kraków Wawel - the former residence of the kings of Kraków, or the Jewish district Kazimierz. Several kilometres in front of the gates of the city, visitors can experience the city's mining history first hand: in the salt mine Wieliczka you will be amazed by the chapel of the sacred Kinga, 101 m below ground.

The biggest city, as well as the capital of Poland, is Warsaw. The best impressions can be collected from the observation deck of the Palace of Culture, which is the landmark of the city, as well as the highest building in Poland with 230 m. Furthermore, the historical city centre, the Water Palace, the Historical Museum, as well as the Chopin Museum are definitely worth a visit.

A further cultural highlight of the country is Łódź, Poland's third-largest town. Here you will find the well-known film academy, from which Director Roman Polanski graduated. Łódź even has its own "Walk of Fame" and the Piotrkowska Street is the longest (4 km) and nicest commercial thoroughfares in Europe.

One of the oldest - and nicest - cities is Wrocław, the cultural capital of 2016. It is located at the foot of the Sudetes and impresses with its numerous Gothic buildings in the historic centre. The university is housed in one of the most significant buildings in the city - among other things - due to the baroque auditorium "Leopoldina".

Furthermore, guests who have an interest in religion, will find great destinations in Poland: e.g. Wadowice, the birthplace of Karol Józef Wojtyla - Pope John Paul II, or the most important pilgrimage site in Poland, the Pauline Monastery on the Jasna Góra hill in Częstochowa. You will also find one of the biggest pope statues in this city: a 14 m high statue of John Paul II.

Resorts Poland

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Resort (region) resort-altitude Ski area Pistes Ski area altitude
fromup to
480 m Winterpol Karpacz 2.5 km 730 - 805 m
Świeradów-Zdrój (Bad Flinsberg)
450 m SKI & SUN Świeradów-Zdrój 2.5 km 620 - 1,060 m
Szklarska Poręba (Schreiberhau)
886 m Schreiberhau 12 km 707 - 1,362 m
833 m Kasprowy Wierch 15 km 1,014 - 1,987 m